Outdoor heritage track trail

At the rear of the hangar, old meets new

On the Heritage Track Trail you will see and learn about parts of the current circuit – and even walk on parts of the old layout! On the trail you will learn about:

  • Bridge corner

  • Priory

  • Wellington Straight

  • Brooklands

  • Luffield

  • The RAF memorial

Each panel will have memorable stories of racing events and major changes at each corner, including pinpointing the location of Silverstone’s original pits. The Heritage Track Trail also gives you the amazing opportunity to walk on the old track itself, from Bridge corner to Priory.

Please note that due to circuit activity the Heritage Track Trail will not be open 364 days a year, so please check in advance of booking if you would like to go on this walk.

The Heritage Track Trail will be closed on the following dates 29 July - 2 August and 5 August - 10 August inclusive for Health and Safety reasons. There will also be no view of the circuit from the TSE on any days in this period when there is practice, qualifying or race session for “Behind Closed Door” Events. We are happy to rebook your visit if you are not able to visit because of the closure of the Heritage Track Trail, please send an email with your booking details to bookings@silverstone-experience.co.uk.

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