School workshops

A programme of workshops for primary and secondary schools will be available for schools visiting from September and will enhance the stories and challenges showcased in the exhibition

Our workshops will be available to visiting school groups from September 2019 and are designed to provide curriculum-related, hands-on opportunities for pupils to extend their learning whilst visiting us. They are 45 minutes in length, led by one of our trained facilitators and based in one of our Learning Studios overlooking Silverstone Circuit.

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30 pupils per session (larger groups welcome but may be divided into groups)

£9.50 per pupil (including Exhibition entry)

Delivered by one of our facilitators in a dedicated Learning Studio

Racing Materials Find out more

EYFS & Key Stage 1

Discover the materials that are used to make cars and protective clothing for racing drivers. In this interactive workshop pupils will learn about the different materials used within motor racing and how their properties provide protection and enhance performance.

Mechanisms Find out more

EYFS & Key Stage 1

Discover the basic principles of designing a racing car. Pupils will learn about the simple mechanisms of axles and wheels as well as exploring how to build the basic structure of a car whilst developing their fine motor skills.

Forces Find out more

Key Stage 2

Discover the forces that act upon a race car or bike whilst on the race track. Pupils will look at car design to understand the importance of aerodynamics and will be able to test the performance of vehicles on different surfaces to measure the amount of friction created between the tyres and the track.

Forces and Motion Find out more

Key Stage 3 & 4

Pupils will be given the opportunity to bring calculations of average speed, the forces that cause cars to stop and start and changes in direction and speed to life.

Maths Find out more

Key Stage 4

More information coming soon.

Careers in Motor Sport Engineering Find out more

Key Stage 4 & 5

A careers based workshop based on STEM subjects and roles available within the motor sport and engineering sectors to broaden the mind of young people considering their career choices.

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